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Querido Diário

(Dear Diary)



0'40'', loop

color, sound

Querido Diário (Dear Diary, 2020), is a video that records someone's browsing through files on a computer. Some folders are the same, with different numbers. One of them leads to a sequence of identical photographs, with different numbers. There is an indication that they are copies of the same image. One is chosen and expanded to the limit. In all the photos there is an image of the same computer, typical of the beginning of the 21st century, with a sunny beach as a background. Personal diaries often contain intimate daily records of thoughts, experiences and secrets. What happens when secrets become pixels, memories become data and everyday life becomes code?

Curatorial text by Daniela Avellar, Festivau de C4nn3$ - Programa "Escapulidinha"

*translation: "(...) Querido Diário (Dear Diary) unleashes the supposed deterritorialized flow of networks - while what remains could be a traceable circulation, not of copies, but of new originals? There would be no image reproduction in play, but visualization effects consisting of always a new performative gesture? (...)"

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