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Tela Plana

(Flat Screen)



3'18'', loop

color, sound

Tela Plana (Flat Screen, 2019) is a video about a television that is not working, an improvised footage of a small screen that shows a blank image with a non-stop noise. Tela Plana (Flat-panel Display) is the name in portuguese to describe the technology used to transmit visual content on most televisions nowadays. This title is a pun as the sound resembles Terra Plana/Flat Earth. A reverse homage to the navigators, the viewers and the browsers and the impossible expectation of finding the luminous picture of Truth.

Tela Plana (2019) na Leviatã (2022).jpeg
Tela Plana (2019) na Leviatã (2022)..jpg

Exhibition: APT.EXT (The Wrong Biennale nº5), Leviatã - São Paulo, Brazil

Curated by Thiago Salas e Talita Florêncio, 2022

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