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Traje Abissal

(Abyssal Costume)


performative costume

fabrics and LED string lights



detalhe 3.jpg




Traje Abissal (Abyssal Costume, 2020) is a costume that becomes a performance when dressed by the artist. The work started with a question: How to dive into the depths of an abyssal metaphorical space and what would be the appropriate suit? By analyzing the body structure of bioluminescent animals that inhabit the oceanic Abyssal Zone and researching the costumes of Greek women who lived in Asia Minor in the second half of the 19th century, place of origin of her ancestors, a relationship was glimpsed between the physical abyss of the planet, which are the depths of the ocean, and the abyss of memory, which is in what is inaccessible to consciousness. Dressing in light and shadow as an access key; a vision in chiaroscuro.

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