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Burn a Disk




color, sound

Burn a Disk (2017),  is a Funerary Ritual of images in the scanning process. The work addresses a contemporary paradox: the discard of analog archives and the excess of information in the digital world. Open questions about the obsolescence of old fetishes, the relationship between immortality and virtualization, the representation of emotions mediated by new means and the narratives elaborated in the universe of hyperlinks. The creation of new beliefs, prophecies, and doctrines, as well as the affectivity, illusion, and mysticism within these digital sanctuaries, are a dive into the diffuse mechanisms that structure and compose discontinuous and reconstructed contemporary memory. 

MADA - 1ª Mostra Audiovisual do Barreiro

Belo Horizonte, Brazil | 2018

Photo credits: Catálogo MADA

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