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Como perguntar tudo__NK_2021.png

Como perguntar tudo?

(How to ask everything?)



Como perguntar tudo? (How to ask everything?, 2021) was my first and last question on Yahoo Answers (2005-2021), asked on April 19, 2021, the last day the platform was open for interactions. On May 4th Yahoo Answers ceased to exist. At least there was time to receive the first and last responses as well.

Revista Tonel - Edição 3 (26.11.21)

*translation: “In the information age, asking good questions is not enough, and that would make Socrates very sad. The need for answers leads us into the Internet like someone who reads the bible, but with the end of Yahoo Answers on April 19, 2021, we are living the end of an era. Seizing this opportunity, multimedia artist Nicole Kouts accomplished a historic feat with her work Como perguntar tudo? (How to ask everything?), evoking in us and in the former users of this millennial platform all the questions."

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