2020 - ongoing


Have you ever seen someone who looks like me? Or do you think that I look like someone? If you remember and/or find it by chance, could you please send me a picture?

¿Has visto a alguien que se parece a mí? ¿O crees que me parezco a alguien? Si lo recuerda y/o lo encuentra por casualidad, ¿podría por favor enviarme una foto?

Έχετε δει κάποιον που μοιάζει με εμένα; Ή νομίζετε ότι μοιάζω με κάποιον; Αν θυμάστε ή / και βρείτε, μπορείτε να μου στείλετε μια φωτογραφία;

Doppelgängers (2020 - ?) it is a happening that takes place in the form of an indefinite advertisement, generating a collection of photos of people who look like the artist, found and sent by other people. The "Wanted" poster circulates online in different versions, created from new images received. Algorithms identify faces that appear accurately and immediately in countless databases. This project is an identification system based on human perception. In the time of chance, in the space of memory. Image and likeness. A request.