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*based on Euripides drama Helen

(text translation: Trajano Vieira)

The video Eidolon (2020) is a free adaptation of an excerpt from the dramatic text Helen, by Euripides (412 BC), consisting of an overlapping of traditional shadow theater techniques, phantasmagoria spectacles, silhouette animation and videographic language. How do presence effects occur in illusory measures of time and space? How to envision the place of a body as a representation in the immaterial, digital and two-dimensional? This hybrid-spectrum-body incorporates notions of shadow, double and phantasmagoria to evoke possible synergies between ancestry and technology, image and desire.

This artwork and the corresponding article were attributed to the Set and Costume Design Post Graduation as a conclusion project.


Eidolon: as sombras e fantasmagorias de um corpo-espectro videográfico

(Eidolon: the shadows and phantasmagorias of a videographic body-spectrum)

Móin-Móin - Revista de Estudos sobre Teatro de Formas Animadas - v. 2 n. 25 (2021): Teatro de Animação, ecologia e sustentabilidade - Fluxo Contínuo)


Nicole Koutsantonis | 2020 | Project oriented by PhD. Juliana Froehlich

Post-graduation in Costume Design and Scenography | Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo

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