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NicoleKouts2021_PhotoFunia-1616453759 Shopping

Emprestei meus cadernos

(I lent my notebooks)


series of 10 photomontages

made on PhotoFunia

Emprestei meus cadernos (I lent my notebooks, 2021) is a series of photomontages made with scanned pages from the artist's most recent notebooks, with several notes written in pencil, embedded in online mockups of billboards, building facades and advertising screens, giving the "uncanny-valley" impression that they were in fact exposed and amplified in those places. In a school context, there is the idea that when you lend someone a notebook, you cannot know where the information that is there might end up. This work is a silent scream about the permanence and intimacy of handwritten words in parallel to the uncontrollable digital paths that traverse personal data and typed words.

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