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Hestia Virtual


site specific / web art

at Habbo Hotel

The site specific Hestia Virtual (2022) is an online temple dedicated to the Greek goddess Hestia, built and available at Habbo Hotel. When visiting the temple, it is possible to interact with an avatar of Hestia, one of the oldest and most powerful deities on Olympus. Guardian of homes, domestic life, intimacy and hospitality, she is also the personification of the sacred fire, which symbolizes the center of life, and the smoke of the flames, which connects the three spheres of existence. Despite her worship in every home and homage in every prayer, Hestia had little representation in mythological narratives, having abdicated direct relationships with humans and occupied an immobile place in the "house temple".

In Hestia Virtual, a digital form of Hestia is available to receive visitors and offerings at her temple, based in a hotel room.

Visiting hours will be informed monthly at: and the instagram: @nicolekouts

How to visit de temple

- Access
- Create a free account and an avatar
- On the scheduled date and time, access the event "lar doce lar" (home sweet home) in the category "Festas & Música" (Party & Music)
- Event location: Templo da HestiaVirtual

*interactions with Hestia can be in any language

*Habbo is an online community in the form of a hotel, where you can create your own avatar, build rooms and interact with other people. Founded in 2000s and aimed at young people, this game platform has millions of users in more than 30 countries.

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