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Isolamento no Olimpo

(Isolation at Olympus)


series of 17 screen captures

Isolamento no Olimpo (Isolation at Olympus, 2020), is a series of images captured on an online tour through the digital archive of the Acropolis Museum, in Greece, with Google Street View. In this register, available since 2011, the museum is empty on a sunny day. The statues and fragments of statues, which belonged to the Parthenon, temple of the goddess Athena, are alone in a new context completely different from the original. Then, they were transformed into photographic images and relocated on the internet. So, as a screen capture, they became this work. The flow of contemplation turns into circulation, navigation, restlessness: an accumulation of distortions and distractions. They are rearrangements, with their limitations and possibilities of space-time (mythological, museological, digital and artistic) about what life was and what life is.

PrtScn: The Lazy Art of Screenshot, Isolamento no Olimpo, by Nicole Kouts (p. 12 and 13), INC Zine #4, Institute of Network Cultures

Edited by Dunja Nešovic - Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (2022)  link


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