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Precisão e Experiência

(Precision and Experience)



9'59'', loop

color, sound

Precisão e Experiência (Precision and Experience, 2017) is a video performance that portraits a hand, a cell phone and the pages of an old phone book. The action is repetitive: the hand enters a number, waits, and always receives the same automatic response, "this phone number doesn't exist". A loop clash between the anonymous robotic voice, which in each response dictates the obsolescence of that record, and the endless attempt to make a connection between time, memory and device. (The phone books belonged to the artist's grandfather).



Curatorial text by Filippe Fernandes | 48º Salão de Artes Novíssimos

*translation: “The banquet is served”, said Mário Peixoto. On the menu, a dozen names. Useless, everyone. Letters and numbers that broke in the voice of time. A blanket of absence stretched out. Unburied corpse. On it, a finger typing wishes that don't trample. How to have expectations of what was not marked as body to the voice of time? Because every action performed on the surface leaves marks, except for the glass. There is no way to marinate what is light. In the process of writing through a glass, even cutting in half the victim to whom the content of the message refers, nothing changes. Because the message is free of ballast. Because the message is only expressed by what it informs and records, on some electronic chip. Here is the memory of the world. Distances are compressed into the succession of images, the image of an image. However, where did the crooked lyricism of the unburied corpse and the poetry that may reside in it go? The essence devoured by the essence image. Readers feeling lazy and with no time for complicity and silence. Zero time." (Catálogo do 48º Salão de Artes Novíssimos - 2019)

Przy-po-Mnie-nia (Re-Me-mbers), Scena Otwarta 2022.JPG
Przy-po-Mnie-nia (Re-Me-mbers), Scena Otwarta 2022.jpg

Exhibition: Przy-po-Mnie-nia (Re-Me-mbers), Scena Otwarta, UAP - Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu - Poznań, Poland

Curated by Michalina Janas, Weronika Sawczuk, Zuzanna Wróblewska, Aleksandra Zhuchko, 2022

Photo Credit: Antoni Bresch and Kornelia Starczewska

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