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Ser Internet

(Being Internet)


by Nicole Kouts

+ Veronica Laminarca


Ser Internet (Being Internet, 2021) is a mutant creature that inhabits the small room of a website. Its appearance is generated randomly each time the page is refreshed, from an amorphous compilation of images retrieved from personal blogs of the early 2000s. Created by the artists Nicole Kouts and Veronica Laminarca, both born in 1997, this Being emerges from a nostalgic feeling of an era of virtual pets, hypersaturated designs and rudimentary programming: a world forgotten within the Internet itself. Composed of fragments of ruins, with missing parts and emptied meanings, this artwork is the shelter for a character of digital memory.

We can say that each being appeared in the Ser Internet is unique, since the probability of someone else seeing one like yours is 1 in 10 trillion. According to the United Nations (UN), the population of the Earth in 2020 is approximately 7.79 billions. In order to every Being appear on the screen, in a hypothetical scenario, every single person on earth would need to refresh the website 1283 times. When the website is accessed, there is a counter that indicates the number of beings created so far, from the launch date of the project on 02/21/2021.

​WEB ARTE NO BRASIL - "Ser Internet", text by Fábio Oliveira Nunes

*translation: "Ser Internet (Being Internet) is a web art creation based on references to the imagination of the early days of the digital network, seeking to rescue the ingenuity, a technical precariousness and kitsch recurrent in personal websites and in much of cyberspace in the 1990s situation: a figure-character moves in a comfortable setting; both are snippets of obsolete Internet textures, and with each new page update, they present new dress-ups and configurations." (2021)

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