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Web Park


online site-specific

developed at the residency

Loop Art Critique #7

Web Park (2023) is an online site-specific developed during the artistic residency Loop Art Critique #7. Over the course of a month, the group of chosen artists met in a metaverse in order to debate issues and share processes with the aim of creating new works within that digital environment. Nicole Kouts' proposal was to compose a digital installation based on the relationship between metalanguage and metaverse, time and matter. The site-specific was built from its archive of scanned pages, in this case a book from the early 2000s that explains, in texts, images and infographics, the step-by-step process for building a website. The images were digitally cropped and selected by subject and geometric aspect. In the space of the Loop metaverse, which resembles a park, these cutouts were positioned as 35 sculptures, establishing a relationship with large three-dimensional works installed in public parks and highlighting the texture of reticules and grooves of the scanned papers. Using avatars available in the metaverse, visiting the site-specific takes place in the form of a tour among the sculpture fields of the Web Park.

Previous prints recovered. Flat images in three dimensions. The nature of a petrified time. Materiality, weight and form of a ghost-version of the internet.

View of Web Park at the exhibition \> recent ancient open-source analog encrypted garden memory, with a set of works developed throughout Loop Art Critique #7, an experimental art critique-based residency in the MUD Foundation's (Miami, Florida, USA) metaverse. Group of artists selected by Doreen Rios. Critique group mediated by Ariel Baron-Robbins and Cha.

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